Precursor Models for Teaching and Learning Science During Early Childhood

Jean-Marie Boilevin, Alice Delserieys et Konstantinos Ravanis

This edited volume provides an in-depth exploration of a theoretical framework supporting Early Childhood Science Education research and teaching best practices. Particularly by presenting the concept of the Precursor Model from an epistemological, psychological, and didactical point of view at Early Childhood Science Education. The book examines and discusses the nature of Precursor Models and their use for early science teaching and learning. It scrutinizes different aspects of the construction of such models applied in early childhood education settings and contexts. Several empirical studies are presented within diverse scientific domains, as well as in international educational contexts. By providing a vary of examples of precursor models it makes this book a great companion for teachers aiming to teach children to understand and reason about topics such as: floating and sinking; shadow formation; water state changes; air; clouds and rain; electricity; inheritance and selection; as well as variation within populations. Finally, this volume supports the development of science education from an early age by using the original framework of a precursor model to mediate teaching and learning science at school during early childhood.

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